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Small Introduction about me & my Fashion Blog

Welcome to Wild Fox Couture. If you’re reading this, you’re probably as passionate about fashion as I am! So, Let me introduce myself.

My Story – How I Got Passionate About Fashion

My name is Kacey Buchanan and I’m a self-styled fashion guru and blogger from the UK. I’ve always been passionate about clothes – some of my earliest memories are of drawing designs for my own clothing line! Somewhere in my parents’ attic I still have boxes of “fashion catalogues” that I created over the years together with my favourite ever Christmas present – my Fashion Wheel toy!

I was introduced to the concept of high fashion at an early age. My older sister was studying design at college and would spend hours working on her latest pieces in the dining room which she had converted into her studio. Every Sunday night we religiously watched “The Clothes Show” together and I absorbed the stylist advice that was being offered.

My sister and I have always been close, even though we have different personalities and interests. One thing that we both enjoy, however, is playing online bingo games. We started playing online bingo when we were bored one night and decided to try something new. We loved the excitement and thrill of marking off the numbers on our tickets, hoping to get a line or a full house. We played on online bingo sites almost every night, sometimes for hours. It was a great way to bond with each other and spend all the time in the word together talking and sharing. This way, I got pretty close to her and she told me all about her work as a fashion designer.

By the time I was a teenager, I was giving all my friends fashion advice – telling them which outfit would best suit their body shape and which colours they should avoid to enhance their skin tone. It was only natural that I should follow my sister down the path of fashion design, and the three years I spent at university only cemented my love of clothing. Once I graduated, I started working as a personal shopper at a local department store. It was my dream job – after all, what could be more fun than spending all day talking about clothes and helping people to look their best! Here is an interesting fact. Did you know that depending on the wedding anniversary year, every year has a theme colour. Matching your clothes with the anniversary colour, you will have taken care of the smallest detail of the anniversary.

Clothes – The Key To Self-Esteem

I believe that wearing the right clothing to suit your body shape is the key to self-esteem. While we can’t all be a size zero, we can all wear the right outfit to flatter our figure, no matter what size it may be. Following a few simple fashion rules can make all the difference to the way that we look at ourselves and the way that we feel. If we feel good on the inside, we look great on the outside. I love the way that clothes have the potential to make everyone feel confident and beautiful, and I love even more that we can endlessly change our style to give ourselves the boost that we need in any given situation.

Working In The Fashion Industry – The Pros And Cons

Although I wouldn’t change my career path for anything, it isn’t all rosy when you work in the fashion blogging industry. Let’s look at the upsides first:

  1. Working from home is incredibly liberating. You can make your own schedule, work in your pyjamas and work in the garden on a sunny day.
  2. You get to meet some pretty amazing people and network with some fantastic contacts.
  3. You’re part of a super supportive blogging community.
  4. You get given some great clothes and accessories from brands.
  5. You get to live, sleep and breathe fashion every hour of every day.
  6. You get to do what you love and make money at it.

So, what about the downsides?

  1. Although working from home can be great, it’s also very tempting to lose all work/life balance.
  2. You never really know what to tell people that you do for your job and if you say you’re a fashion blogger you often get quite a negative response with people assuming you’re lazy and just sit around at home all day taking photos and messing about on a laptop.
  3. You don’t realise just how difficult it is to get a decent photograph on a sunny day until you start fashion blogging. Every photo you take is over-exposed and you waste hours of your time looking for the perfect shady spot.
  4. There’s a ton of paperwork. From supplier forms and invoices to contracts, it takes forever to fill everything in, and getting it right is pretty important if you want to be paid.
  5. You end up buying tons of props for your photos and spending a whole lot of money.
  6. Sending off new content for a brand to approve is pretty terrifying, especially when they take forever to respond.
  7. Dealing with web hosting is pretty tricky, and learning how to install widgets and edit blog design is a pretty steep learning curve. There’s been more than one day when I’ve just sobbed into my laptop.
  8. Dealing with haters and internet trolls is still pretty awful and you never get used to it. While it’s lovely to read positive comments about how people admire you and how you’ve made a difference in their lives, it’s upsetting every time you read a negative comment and no matter how thick skinned you think you are, it still hurts.

How Do Fashion Bloggers Earn Money?

It’s the big question that everyone asks me, so I thought I’d address it here. There are a few ways that fashion bloggers like me make money:

  • Affiliate links – when we mention affiliate links on our blogs or make direct links to an affiliate product, we get paid when readers click on them or buy them through the link.
  • Sponsored content – brands pay for content on Instagram and blog posts that promotes their products.
  • Collaborations – sometimes fashion bloggers collaborate with brands and businesses like slot sites uk and get paid for it.

So, how much do I earn from fashion blogging? Well, I’m not going to give you a blow by blow breakdown of my accounts! But, I can give you an idea of the range of earnings that successful fashion bloggers can make.

While most fashion bloggers earn around £1,000 a month, there are some out there that earn five times that amount. Some earn even more! The key to success is blogging frequently and networking all the time to build up as many connections in the industry as possible.

If you’ve ever fancied fashion blogging for yourself, I’d certainly recommend it – it’s a wonderful job. But, in the meantime, why not read on and discover my fashion advice! Happy reading!

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