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The Best Dress To Fit Your Body Type

The key to looking your best and feeling confident in your clothes is to wear the right dress to suit your individual body shape. Whether you’re a pear, an apple, an hourglass or whether you have an athletic shape, there’s a dress that’s sure to look perfect on you. The trick is to know your body type and then dress accordingly.

Here, we’ll look at a guide to the different body types so you can identify your own, and then we’ll look at what to wear to emphasise your assets and to maximise your confidence.

The Body Types

  1. Pear - If your body has a triangular shape, with a bust that is narrower than your hips, a larger rear and thighs, and narrow shoulders, you could be a pear.
  2. Hourglass – If you are curvy with a waist that is well-defined, roughly even hip and bust measurements and full thighs, hips and bust you are probably an hourglass.
  3. Apple – The apple shaped figure looks somewhat like an upside down triangle with broader shoulders than hips, an undefined waist and less curvy hips.
  4. Athletic – If you lack curves, have hip and shoulder measurements which are roughly the same, and have fairly even weight distribution around your body, you probably have an athletic build.

Once you’ve identified which of these shapes best describes you, you can read on and find out more about dressing to suit your body.

Learn what is your body type.

Dressing A Pear

Here are some top tips for pears:

Find the best dress for a pear body type.
  • Deep V necks emphasise your assets and draw the eye
  • Cowl and scoop necklines are very flattering
  • Bell shaped sleeves are perfect
  • Structured and fitted tops give good definition to narrow waists and shoulders
  • Princess and A-line cuts are very flattering
  • Embellished necklines draw the eye upwards and away from problem zones
  • Belted dresses define the waist
  • Hemlines that hit just below the knee make the body look longer and the thighs and hips more slender
  • Maxi dresses also give the illusion of extra height
  • Dynamic and bold prints on the top of the body paired with dark colours to the bottom half

Dressing An Hourglass

Here are some top tips for hourglasses:

Find the best dress for a hourglass body type.
  • Fitted shapes
  • Jersey knitted fabrics
  • Wrapped dresses
  • V necks, boat necks or round necks
  • Fit & Flare dresses work perfectly
  • Empire line dresses are also ideal
  • If wearing a floaty or trapeze-style dress, wear a belt

Dressing An Apple

Here are some top tips for apples:

Find the best dress for an apple body type.
  • Wear A line shapes and flowing styles
  • V neck dresses work best
  • Thick cotton, linen and raw silk are stronger fabrics for a more streamlined look
  • Strapless dresses look perfect
  • Maxi dresses with a low neckline
  • Wrap dresses are very flattering
  • Dark colours and diagonal stripes slim the torso

Dressing An Athletic Physique

Here are some top tips for athletic figures:

Find the best dress for an athletic body type.
  • Halter neck and racerback dresses look great
  • Rounded and scoop necks create a feminine look
  • Strapless dresses add sex appeal
  • Embellished necklines draw attention to the bust
  • Wear minis to highlight long legs

Dress Trends For Summer 2018

Summer 2018 is the perfect time to wear a dress, even if you don’t normally wear one. There are some great styles this year and there’s one to suit every body shape.

Tailored dress for a pear body type.

One of the top trends for this summer is the 1980s style tailored cut with big shoulders and nipped in waists – ideal for anyone with a pear shaped physique since it highlights the upper body. Belts are also popular this season, which is excellent news for pears and hourglasses, defining a narrower waistline, while the Bardot look is in for this summer and is perfect for anyone who has an athletic physique and who wants to emphasise their femininity and bustline. Apples will be delighted to learn that long, flowing maxi dresses are still on trend for summer 2018 and will flatter a more rounded body shape.

When it comes to colours and patterns, there is something to suit everyone this summer. Bright and bold fabrics, pretty pastels, plaids and florals are all on trend for 2018 so you can wear all over colour or use patterns carefully to play up your body strengths. Those who want to emphasise their upper body can benefit from the current polka dot or brights trend, while those who want to go for a curvier look should choose the traditional 1940s-style floral tea dress.

The best fabrics for summer dresses are those which will keep you comfortable and cool, regardless of your body shape. Linen and thicker cottons are ideal for apples since they give a little more structure and support, while a lightweight stretch jersey suits the hourglass figure. A traditional cotton or silk drapes nicely over a pear-shaped physique, while georgette is feminine choice to soften an athletic body.

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