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Vintage Inspired Outfits That Will Never Go Out of Style

Vintage is so often the way to go with fashion. After all, experts in fashion often say that nothing is new it just keeps coming back around again and again. If you missed your favourite look the first time around there’s no need to worry as in a few years it’ll be back with a vengeance!

While some people take the drastic approach of never throwing any clothes away so that they can have a fully stocked wardrobe no matter which look is back on-trend, most people don’t go so far. Nevertheless, it’s always wise to have a few staple pieces in your closet so that you can bring them out time and again over the years. Here’s your guide to the best vintage inspired outfits that will never go out of style.

The Sheath Dress

pink sheath dress

First finding popularity during the 1960s, the sheath dress is an iconic look that has returned time after time in the decades that have intervened thanks to the flattering look that enhances feminine curves. A high neckline, paired with a lower half that skims over the hips and thighs is a look that works both by day and by night and can effortlessly work in all colours of the rainbow.

Whether you prefer to take the minimalist approach of a classic black fabric or go for a more modern look with lace overlays, you can look as modest or as sexy as you like if you pair with comfy flats for a casual look or pointed toe heels which will give your legs a little extra length.

The Crop Cardigan

Especially popular during the golden age of the 1940s and 1950s, the cropped cardigan is a classic look which can be turned into a modern wardrobe staple if worn in the right way. Yes, it’s true, this style can look a little frumpy if it’s worn by itself, but if you pair it with an elegant peplum blouse you can obtain a much more contemporary look that is extra-feminine and flattering, elongating your body and adding extra visual appeal.

The Varsity Sweater

While the varsity sweater often comes back around as an on-trend garment, they have eternally classic roots. It’s the ideal casual look, and you can give it an edgier twist by pairing it with skinny ripped jeans, trendy trainers, and a comfortable scoop necked t shirt that gets you ready to rock your weekend.

The Shirt Dress With A Belt

classic shirt dress with a belt

Another vintage classic that was in vogue for two decades between the 1940s and the 1960s, a shirt dress paired with a wide belt is an easy look to wear whatever your shape or size. Ideal for hourglass shaped figures because of the nipped in waist look, it can also give better definition to a boyish athletic physique or help to disguise large hips and thighs if you’re pear shaped.

Depending on which pattern or fabric you choose, you can get a casual look that you can simply throw together ready to hit the shops or a more polished look for the evening. Go for a cute gingham or fun floral for a flirty summer look and you’ll find that the pattern and shape do all the hard work for you as long as you keep your accessories to a minimum, or go for something a little more formal in a silky plain fabric and dress it up with heels, a clutch bag and a pair of statement earrings for a stylish evening out.

The High Waist Trousers

Create a clean look with high waisted trousers.

Another throwback to the 1940s has come back in style recently, but essentially this look is always en pointe. High waisted trousers with tapered legs flatter curvy figures and also hang beautifully from athletic physiques.

Pair them with a smart button front blouse and you’ll get the ideal blend of casual and smart that hits the spot no matter where you’re heading. You can dress it down with your favourite denim jacket if you’re going out at the weekend, or dress it up with a smart jacket or blazer and head off to the office.

The Fit ‘N’ Flare Dress

A look that is completely timeless, the fit and flare dress first came to the public’s attention back in the late 1940s and early 1950s when the New Look was made popular by Christian Dior. Lavishly feminine, this look is characterised by its narrow waist and beautifully full skirt and is the ultimate in elegance. The ideal look for an evening out, you can wear this look in a host of fabrics and colours, although minimalist monochrome is often de rigeur.

These are just some of the best vintage looks that will work forever. Make sure you add them to your wardrobe today and wear them for a lifetime!

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