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The Best Sunglasses To Fit Your Face Type

Sunglasses are a key summer accessory for everyone, and they don’t just make you look cool, they also help to protect your eyes from UV damage. The problem is that it can be difficult to find the right pair of sunglasses to suit your face, however, if you know your face type you can follow this handy buying guide so you can look your best when the sun comes out.

What Face Type Am I?

You can determine your face shape by measuring your face’s dimensions.

  1. Measure your face from cheekbone to cheekbone
  2. Measure your jaw line
  3. Measure the length of your face
  4. Measure the width of your forehead

Once you’ve done this, compare your measurements to determine your face shape.

Round Faces

What are the best sunglasses for a round shaped face?

A round face will lack defined angles and will have noticeable curves. The ideal frames for this shaped face are:

  • Rectangular
  • Square
  • Shield
  • Wrap

Square Faces

What are the best sunglasses for a square shaped face?

A square face will have measurements that are roughly equal in width and length, and will generally feature a strong jawline and broad forehead. The ideal frames for a square face are:

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Aviators
  • Butterflies

Oval Faces

An oval face suits many frame types. With fairly even, rounded features, oval faces work perfectly with any frame as long as it isn’t oversized.

Oblong Faces

Rectangular faces are narrow and long, with minimal angles. The best frames for this face type are:

What are the best sunglasses for an oblong shaped face?
  • Oversized
  • Large wayfarers
  • Rectangular
  • Thick frames
  • Vintage-style
  • Deep or tall lenses
  • Wrap
  • Shield
  • Square
  • Wayfarers

Diamond Faces

What are the best sunglasses for a diamond shaped face?

A diamond face will have a narrow forehead and jawline with wider cheekbones. The best frames for this face type are:

  • Oval
  • Rimless
  • Curving frames

Heart Shaped Faces

What are the best sunglasses for a heart shaped face?.

A heart shaped face is quite triangular with wider temples and a narrower chin. The best frames for this face type are:

  • Shield
  • Butterfly
  • Aviator
  • Rimless
  • Cats eye

Top Sunglasses Trends For 2018

Summer 2018 is going to see some amazing sunglasses styles emerging on the high street. If you’re ready to rock the most expensive and fashionable looks you’ll want to know about the top trends for this season. However, just because a style is fashionable doesn’t always mean that you should follow the herd. It’s fine to invest in the latest looks if you think they suit your face shape, but you should still follow the above guidelines. It’s always better to choose frames that look good rather than frames that look fashionable, so if the most up to date trends just don’t suit your face simply go with a classic style – at the end of the day, a classic pair of sunglasses will never go out of fashion!

For those who want to know what all the most fashionable people will be wearing this season, read on…

The Micro Frame

Some celebreties are already obssesed with the micro frame sunglasses.

Tiny sunglasses are all the rage this season, with narrow cat’s eye frames being especially fashionable this year. Black lenses, blue lenses or even green are all hot looks this summer and would especially suit anyone with an oval or heart-shaped face.

The Maxi Frame

If the micro frame doesn’t suit your face shape, you might want to go to the opposite end of the scale and try the Maxi frame. Oversized frames come in all shapes, so whether you prefer circular or angular, you’re sure to find a pair to suit if you have an oblong face.

Visible Hardware

You can be always noticed with a pair of visible hardware sunglasses.

Go for a futuristic look with a deconstructed frame that has visible hardware. There are plenty of options available with this modern style including aviators, embellished frames, 70s style rounded frames and angular shapes. If you have a heart shaped, diamond-shaped, square or oval face, you’re sure to find a pair in this selection to suit.

The Blinged Up Frame

If you really want to draw attention to your eyes this summer, the blinged up frame is the look for you. There’s plenty of options this year when it comes to bedazzled eyewear, and the more over the top, the better! Go for thick diamond encrusted frames for an oval face, glittering cat’s eyes for a heart shaped face, a pair of spectacular butterflies for a square face or some enormous square frames for a rounded face.

While these styles are the latest looks, there’s no need to worry that you’re going to look old-fashioned or out of date if you don’t think any of these frames will suit your face type. There are so many different frame styles available these days that you’re sure to find something that looks great. If in doubt, go into a shop and try a few different styles on so that you can judge which ones look best on you. Use this buying guide as your basis, and try a style that you might never have considered before – you might be surprised by how good you look!

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