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Fashion Trends For Summer

Every season sees some exciting trends hitting the catwalk, and this summer is no exception. There’ve been some spectacular styles coming through from the Spring/Summer fashion weeks. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the best so that you can choose your key pieces for summer .

The 1980s Makes A Comeback

By day and by night, the 1980s is coming back in a big way! Think enormous shoulders, narrow waistlines, cropped jackets and styles that lengthen the legs. During the day, the silhouette you’ll be looking for will be a pair of high waist straight leg jeans paired with a loose shirt tucked in. In the evening, if you’re headed out on the town and are happy to go for an elaborate and extrovert style, you’ll want a strapless asymmetrical dress with spectacular splits and enormous bow details, all finished off with a pair of classic stiletto slingbacks.

The Trench Coat

The trench coat has always been a must in my waredrobe.

Everyone knows that if there’s one thing that you can’t predict is the weather, so if the rain showers hit this summer the high street has the perfect solution – the trench coat! Flexible, comfortable and infinitely stylish, this belted classic is a staple of your summer wardrobe and can be worn with anything from office wear to shorts and a t shirt. What an investment!

Pencil Skirts Are On Their Way Back

A wonderfully flattering shape that enhances your femininity and gives you the curves that you’ve been dreaming of, the pencil skirt is back with a vengeance this summer. Even better, it’s got a longer length this season, so it looks even better, especially for those who aren’t too keen on their legs. Giving you a longer silhouette, this perennial classic is ideal in either a colour block or in an all-over subtle pattern that goes with everything.

The Belted Look

The belted look is suitable for everybody to shape their body in an hourglass.

Great news for anyone with an hourglass figure, the belt is big news this season and can be found with everything, from jackets to shirts. Chain belts, narrow belts, wide belts, you name it, you can get away with it this season so there’s sure to be a look to suit you. Choose a chain belt to pair with your dress or go for a smart belted jacket for work – the options are endless.

Sparkling Fabrics

Sparkles aren’t just for evening wear in summer – crystals, silver sparkle and clear PVC are emerging in daywear this season and are bringing bling to the warmer months. Go understated with a bling belt or glittering earrings or go over the top with a head to toe shimmer – it’s up to you!

The Earthy Palette

Earth colors inspared looks.

Some of the hottest colours on the catwalk for this summer have taken their inspiration from the earth. Oatmeal, off white, cream and beige are all big news and have taken minimalism to new heights. These colours are especially popular when paired with natural fabrics like linens, leathers and cottons for a cooler look and feel to match the weather.

Plaid Isn’t Just For Winter

If you thought that plaid had to be put at the back of your wardrobe until autumn comes around, think again. The fashion houses have said that plaid is the way forward for summer, with tartans and checks appearing on trousers, shirts, dresses and jackets. Whether you go for the casual comfort of a gingham summer dress or whether you go all out on a plaid tailored suit, you can easily capture the look and let it take you through to winter.

Going Dotty For Polka Dots

How to pull out a whole look with polka dots.

Polka dots seem to come around time and time again and summer is yet another re-emergence of this perennial favourite. The key for this season is to keep your dots monochrome and make sure you choose modern shapes and cool styles otherwise you run the risk of looking like a 1950s throwback (unless that’s the look you want to achieve!)

Funky Florals

If you imagine the classic fabric of a 1940s tea dress you won’t go far wrong this summer. The vintage floral look has been all over the high street so far this season and is the ideal flattering look for every woman. Opt for a classic knee-length, button-front style, or go for a floor length maxi, whichever takes your fancy.

Bold Hues For The Win

Perfectly complimenting the 1980s throwback look, neons and brights look here to stay this season. Think vibrant reds, pinks, yellows and orange, either in large colour blocks or in artful patterns in the form of dresses, swimwear, tops, trousers, jackets and skirts – the brave can go for brights from head to toe if they’re feeling daring!

These are just some of the hottest looks for summer . There’s bound to be something that suits you so get buying!

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